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Susan Zejin Sun


Registered TCM Practitioner & Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario
Member of The Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (CSCMA)
Member of The World Association of Chinese Medicine (WACM)

* Ms. Sun is a registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture practicing in Toronto area and has being practicing TCM since 1985.

* Ms. Sun graduated from Hebei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1980-1985), China,where she practicing, researching and teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 17 years in the TCM hospital of Hebei University of TCM in China. Since 2002 she moved to Toronto and continues in practicing and teaching TCM in GTA.

* Academic achievements: 
* Researching projects awarded by Administration of TCM of China:
"TCM treatment of infertility caused by pelvic inflammation"
"The effective prevention and treatment of habitual miscarriage by TCM"
  *Professional essays published on TCM magazines in China including:
"Case Study of TCM Treatment of PMS",  
"Case Study of Irregular Menstrual Bleeding Treated with TCM"; and
"TCM treatment of Pelvic Inflammations with Special Herb Recipe".